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Cargo Tracking Note for D.R. Congo(FERI)


Cargo Tracking Note for D.R. Congo(F.E.R.I.) 

                                      We, Taiyo Sangyo Trading & Marine Service Ltd. (Yokohama, Japan), are appointed as a sole 

                                        Japanese agent for OGEFREM, to officially issue FERI for cargo discharged at DR Congo. (Please

                                        refer to the attached letter from OGEFREM)

             What's FERI?

         FERI (Fiche Electronique de Renseignement à l’Importation)is an Electronic Cargo Tracking Note

         that is required for all shipments to the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire). FERI must be issued for each 

               Bill of Lading before the shipment arrives the discharging port.

             ⁂ All goods in which its final destination is D.R.C, including those imported into the D.R.C. via a third country,

                               D.R.C. via a third country, requires the acquisition of FERI.

             ⁂ You can also acquire FERI in Japan for cargo loaded in other countries.

             ⁂ FERI is required for on-site customs clearance, and may cause difficulty claiming the cargo if FERI is not obtained.

             ⁂ FERI numbers must be indicated in the B/L BODY field and MANIFEST.

Application Process

    1.     Send the required documents below by email to the following address.(email add.tst-planning@tst-japan.com)

    2.     Draft of FERI will be sent within 5 working days after application for confirmation.

        3.     After confirmation of the FERI draft, Invoice for FERI issuance will be sent.(electronic data only / charged by Japanese yen)

      4.        After confirmation of the payment, official FERI will be issued.

                       ⁑ Revisions cannot be made once official FERI is issued.

         ⁑ Exchange rate may be revised according to its fluctuations(Euro / Japanese Yen)

         ⁑ We do not take any responsibility or liability for any claim, damage or loss caused through our services in relation to

                               the issuing of the FERI.


     Required Documents for Application                                                             Contact

       Copy of Bill of Lading(Draft OK)                       Planning Dept.PICMr. Tomita, Mr. Kodama

       Copy of Commercial Invoice                        Email : tst-planning@tst-japan.com 👆

       FERI Information Sheet (Fill in EXCEL Form)👆                                            T  E  L: +81-(0)45-846-6300

       Copy of Export Certificate (for Used Car)