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As a Pioneer….

From establishment in 1972, TST has constantly been the leading innovator in challenging adapting to the rigorous changes in the shipping industry.

As a founder of the International Mariners Management Association of Japan(IMMAJ), TST innovatively established one of the first manning resources in Manila during a time where crew costs rise was imminent.

We now have a big family of over 2,000 seafarers complementing a total of 80 plus owned, managed and manned vessels.In order to maintain the tradition of Japanese seafarer-ship, we are also widely accepting and producing high quality Japanese seafarers.

 As a constant pioneer in the shipping industry, we will continue to provide innovative services to our clients.

近年の新卒採用者のプロフィールをご紹介!TSTのスペシャリストを取材しました!  詳細はクリック

 To give better opportunity to deserving Cadets, we are offering a Cadetship Program that will ensure that proper training will be provided to all those who will be accepted in this program. The admittance will be through competitive written examination, oral interview and physical fitness.

 Once admitted in this program, a comprehensive pre-embarkation education and training await each Cadet including the possibility to join an actual shipboard educational tour.

 On completion of their pre-embarkation education and training, each Cadet will be deployed on board ocean going vessels to complete their 12 months apprenticeship period.

 While on board, there is a specific time frame for the Cadets to experience and learn the basic knowledge of their career. Their progress will be closely monitored through their quarterly evaluation.

 The monitoring of Cadets does not end on the completion of their apprenticeship, it will be a continuous process until they reach Management Level. In that process, there are development program, opportunity frame work and deployment scheme that will assign them on various kinds of ships providing them unlimited opportunities. On top of that, they will also be groomed to prepare them for shore-based employment.

 A special department was exclusively created to ensure the success of this Cadetship Program. It is the Career Control Department.

 The Career Control Department main task is to oversee all Cadets-related affairs and monitor their progress. In addition to that, its other function is to check records and recommend existing ratings who are licensed, although not part of this program but possessing great potential. 

 It also welcomes aspiring licensed ratings applicants.