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Since its founding in 1972, Taiyo Sangyo Trading & Marine Service LTD. has been and will always be a pioneer in the maritime industry, diving headfirst into new eras. As a key player of the founding of the International Seafarers Labor Association, we established manning resources in the Philippines ahead of others amidst the steep rise in seafarer costs, as well as new manning resources from the Vietnamese. Our roster boasts over 3,000 seafarers, a huge family capable of staffing up to 90 vessels (which include our company ships, management ships, and manned ships).
We continue to pass on the Japanese seafarer traditions, accepting many young Japanese seafarers and striving to raise personnel who will eventually bear the future of the maritime industry. We have expanded our business to training centers, port captain services, and even forwarding, taking full advantage of the experience and techniques of our Fleet Department's main businesses, consisting of the Crew Manning Agency, Ship Management, and Ship-owner (Ship Chartering) Business.
As a pioneer in the maritime industry, we will keep rising to the challenge of providing innovative services to our customers based on trust, safety, and teamwork.




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