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Green Slow Mobility

This electric car is a product of the "Green Slow Mobility" joint project with the Ministry of Transport. The introduction of this vehicle will help create a low carbon transportation system, which includes promotion of tourism and change of transportation for elders which will lead to a more smooth local transportation system.

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Customize EV Cart

We use Hitachi's golf cart as a base vehicle and make various customizations according to customer's request.



This is an commercial use transport electric trycicle which was co-designed with a Taiwanese maker. We import and sell for vehicle rental companies in need or a low cost powerful and clean solution. Some sports teams have used our electric vehicle as a power source for coaching and practicing out in the field.

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Customized EV

By cultivating our state of art EV development platform we have produced our own original EV Chassis. We are open to customization depending on our clients needs

Two-seater Submarine "JAPANG"

It is a high-performance private submarine for leisure use. This submarine performs with the highest safety, accuracy and performance by bringing together the precision work and knowledge of our specialized team. It is a new leisure item like no other.

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